Dried Out Streams

it seems so far away, this dream
kept me awake for many years
and now our time is running out
and I’m not sure..
will you know me?

and now I’m yearning for this dream
relation of two dried-out streams

I can’t remember yesterday
time goes by, but the case is still the same
and the silence is overwhelming me
silence of us

I regret all my silence
I regret all that I’ve done

Into your arms I wanna fall
please don’t wake me up
In these fading dreams I see you
all my life I tried to reach you
but all I’ve heard was your silence
and all I’ve seen was your distance
Let go.

Change This World

describe your feelings inside
when noone knows what it’s like
living with a lie, drowning inside
you see their raging faces in your mind
but you are paralised, forced to hide

but you can’t change this world
you’re trapped inside, so do it right
and you can’t bring them all
on your side
so leave your fears behind

looking over the edge
that’s all you want them to do
because you’re different inside
but they just can’t see through
and you’re running away from their eyes
and you’re running away from your lies

now you’re broken inside
your hope is all gone
and you can’t decide
if it’s wrong or if it’s right
but then you run

The Road

I feel my time running fast
future is fading into past
tell me what to hold on to
cause everything disappears someday

days go by in trivial waves
my time has come to leave this place

the road and myself will sustain
but time will erase all my pain
your plans for me will be declined
and your names will fade out in my mind

now I’m leaving all that’s left behind
memories of a young and blind
don’t tell me where to find myself
there is no point for me to stay

still I walk this road alone
escape the calm and chase the storm

Make it Right

resting all alone, on the snow-covered ground
snow in my veins and in my heart
tell me..
how it feels when you die
and what do you feel when I cry
do you care?

but I faced it all, went through the desert of myself
dust in my eyes, deserted feelings in my heart
and I survived it all until today.

I’m trapped in a cage of greed
seeing empty faces of society
you can get what you want
for you it’s free
but you want more, do you need more?

why can’t you get enough?

You see my body lying on the ground
dust in my eyes and in my mouth
you can’t run back in time
you can’t make it right

Leaves Are Turning Red

leaves are turning red
golden fires burn
I see you standing there
your hair is flowing in the wind

give me a sign
help me to fly
to you

you will see the sun again
I wish we could see the sun